Power Vent

(Available May 2013)

ORTAL Heating Solutions’ Power Vent System is among the industry’s most sophisticated systems.  This system allows for fireplace installation in places that a typical direct vent system would not permit.

The placement of the fireplace is no longer dependent upon the venting pathway.  This system allows increased flexibility for locating the appliance inside the building.  The Power Vent System creates a mechanical draw on the exhaust combustion gases making longer vertical and horizontal venting pathways possible and allowing architects, designers and builders to work with ease.

With the Power Vent System, the chimney vent pipe is 3”/ 80 mm in diameter using two flex pipes: one aluminum for the intake and one stainless steel for the exhaust.  The pipes can be placed under the floor or inside the wall.  Maximum vent pathway length vary with each unit and may be  up to 90’/ 30 meters long.  The fan may be placed at a maximum distance of 10’/ 3 meters from the unit and can be situated (even hidden) almost anywhere providing additional flexibility and comfort.